Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner
Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner
Car Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum Cleaner

Enough power for cleaning

6000mAh battery,one full charging can use for about 18 minutes

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Can Hold 60Ml garbage

Car Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum Cleaner

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Заказ пришёл за три дня, соответствует описанию. Протестировала, мне понравилось,подойдёт и для машины и для дома.


Fast delivery, to Moscow in 7 days. It looks modern, it seemed a little heavy. Advise. Bought 11.11. Price 2 thousand


Got a vacuum cleaner. Came two weeks before Hmao. Everything is whole, it works, it's charged. All components are well packed. Looks very solid for a gift, ordered her husband for Ng. In general, everything is fine.


Shipping days to your like. Suction force is so strong it is meet summer use as the good to you


Хотелось бы по мощнее! Мне всё понравилось а особенно приятно было получить подарок держатель телефона я доволен


Delivery to Novosibirsk quickly days 10. quality is excellent. Was charged, a window on the balcony, working with it is very convenient. I recommend the product. Baseus at altitude. Thank you.


Everything quickly came, all right. By the device: everything works. Was loaded. In time I already tried in the car and at home, when it does not understand, but even призатоаченном time already suits me as he holds. Of the minuses: the suction power for me is not enough since I have a husky and wool eternal problem) blowing enough like even seemed more powerful than suction. It needs to be teased, since I tried like norms, I checked that I could pull and think that except for the light dust it is not enough. Disassembled the cleaning and so several times and somehow the power of the suction increased. He took in something he couldn't do before. But still I thought he was much more powerful, but still he does what he needs, so that I'm delighted.)


Power is not particularly strong. But the vacuum cleaner seems good. I'm happy with everyone.


Gorgeous machine! For their purposes-remove dust, sand, plant seeds, any fine dirt-Super! First time faced with baseus products, the quality is very good, from packing, to the materials of the device itself and assembly. Very compact, like a bottle of aerosol. Delivery of the day!!!! And the store and I recommend it!


A good vacuum cleaner, remove garbage and crumbs in the car will go. Delivered very quickly, by courier to the door, thank you.


The box is a little crumpled. The vacuum cleaner's fine. Everything works.


Well packed. Come quickly. Two weeks. I'll try and write.


Everything is fine thanks


Got .. everything works well so far, how much time will pull the battery yet do not know see but its function of maintaining the frequency in the car performs a for that's what I took... Made soundly packed too well in the kit suction nozzle with a brush at the end which through the button is removed and leaves plastic and other nozzle for blowing dust .. In the cover everything was cured and fastened .. While I like everything if I add a review


Delivery is fast, ordered on August 28, came an order in lipovitsy, Primorye, September 11. Very good quality at the vacuum cleaner, baseus as always on top!


Baseus good, quality goods! Quality is satisfied, for a manual auto vacuum cleaner, decent suction, it needs to be understood.


The quality of the goods and the store is satisfied. I take not the first time this brand. There are no complaints about the quality. I advise both the store and the goods.


Seller Super! First came the vacuum cleaner defective, did not turn on and do not charge at all, agreed that they would send a new one. The New came quickly, the courier brought home. Everything is super, it works perfectly.


Отличный пылесос! Выглядит и на ощущение качественно, инструкция на инглише есть, чехол и насадки в комплекте.


It's been a long time. The thing is useful for small things, especially when children in the car are kidding.

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